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Site Of the Moment:
Island Cove
Heyy! Island Cove is an amazing site! It offers several original styles of layouts, new stylesheets that are rare or never seen before, tutorials, premades, sun vectors, page graphics, questions and answers, codes/html help, games, fun, awesome links to c

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51 emotional disaster
0 0
we have tons of random layouts; icons; extended network banners, brushes; animations; blends; and so much more!
we also offer free signs and edit requests!
add to see everything!
52 PARADISE [lyts]
0 0
We are one of the newest layout sites. We will have the coolest stuff when we are done we alot of codes that most sites dont so dont steal them!!!
53 Beyondtheveil
0 0
layouts, codes, thousands of graphics, photography, great reads, discussions, games, no limit S4S.
54 Happy Virus Cafe
0 0

I don't have much friends, but that's okay.
I'm not looking to be the best myspace layout site. I've received many warm comments about my site and that is enough. Add Happy Virus and you won't regret it! ^____^
55 exotic-layouts.com
0 0
my site has the best to offer for sites and personals! we have layouts, various icons, music players and so much more, and for sites we have brushes (some are even handdrawn), fonts, preppy sign premades! and loads of other great content, add no
56 Digital Get Down
0 0
Loads of Content coming soon! The site is being re-done! As of right now we have a no limit train. Premade signs, photgraphy, games, tips, contests, requests, site name ideas.
And coming soon will be, layouts, un-coded divs, site themes, more games, more
57 Pink Paradise Layouts
0 0
Pink Paradise provides layouts, graphics, games, and all kinds of things for your myspace, and more!
58 Neonzebra
0 0
we have amazing content and more on the way! both on our myspace and (sub)domain!
59 Summer Crave
0 0
It has all your summer needs and more! My site has layouts,icons,photography,games,requests and much more. I guess you'll just have to add my site to see ;]
60 vanillafactory.
0 0
layouts, support code requests, graphics and more!
61 lovecase
0 0
lovecase is only 2 weeks old, but is really growing big! we have many thousands of views of all sorts :) you wont be disappointed!
62 roadblock
0 0
63 Facing Jupiter
0 0
It's a unique original site consisting layouts, requests, graphics, edited signs, and a lot more. Very neat and organized site.
64 Pressure Lyts
0 0
We are giving away a photobucket with over 900+ rare site model pictures, want to enter just add our site. :]
65 smexxymexxy
0 0
i have layouts, codes, cmnt boxes, sign requests, supportcode requests, icons, pixels, & more.
66 Lovestop
0 0
I offer contests, backgrounds, brushes, headers, site packs, sign requests, premade signs & vectors, and much more (:
67 calishinelyts
0 0
we have layouts,sayings,glitters,tons of stuff for your myspace or website.
68 Disney Wonders
0 0
We are amazing people,
we have everything you need
If you don't add you are gonna miss out
69 Mile's Away
0 0
A Fansite For Miley Cyrus! I'm Brand New But I Wanna Make It Big. Also Needs Friends. Also Support. Ton's Of It To. Please And Thank You.
70 Broadway productions
0 0
We have suhweeet contests. This site was made for anyone out there! EVERYONES ACCEPTED!
71 Chanel
0 0
we have tons of fun games, and a variety of things for personals, and sites, we also have a site modeling agency, to help new models, and we update allmost every day, we also make tutorials for photofiltre by request, and are allways willing to awnser all
72 Crayon Spork
0 0
We may not have the biggest friend count but we have 60+ blogs to offer ++ nice owner
73 Pixel Dust
0 0
Its really upbeat. we are very talented. we are goin to have layouts. we have cute banners.
74 rockstar2reality
0 0
not only do i have myspace goodies, but you can catch up on the latest fashion and promote your music or fashion line!
0 0
Yo its kevin and i have had this site for a couple weeks but i do own another site that i have had for 2 yrs so i am not new at this.I have premades like crazy, and other myspace needs :].

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