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Site Of the Moment:
Boy Crazy
Nice Owner, Contests, Rares, Photography and sooo much more!!

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151 Unbreakable Vow
0 0
My site has graphics, pixels, icons, photography, edited photos, backgrounds, layouts, brushes, tutorials, requests, and more!
152 Slugbug Lyts
0 0
Made on January 1st and we contain a domain, layouts, codes, comment boxes, photography, etc. We will give out sub-domains for a small price! Nice owner who loves to talk and make new friends! All the stuff to pimp your page!
153 partycontrol
0 0
i have a lot of stuff on my site, like games, stuff for your profile, and tutorials. i have over 24,000 friends.
154 sitemodel promoting
0 0
this site promotes sitemodels so they can become a better sitemodel,we give advice and a bunch of other things,we offer new rares.we also have sitemodels that havent been discovered yet that are really talented.we have a bunch of tutorials and games.so ch
155 sweetlips
0 0
what keylime says- sweetlips is an amazing site that has anything you could ever imagine, she has so much talent, sweetlips is by far my favorite site ever, i love all their content, they have amazing owner too (:
156 skyline
0 0
This site has tons of layouts and updates EVERY day. I listen to everyone and reply to everyone. :) my page is easy to navigate, and you will always find what you need.
157 Partypanda
0 0
we offer layouts, premades, fonts, brushes, hovers, requests, and so much more!
158 rampage idiot
0 0
we have everything you would want to spice up your myspace page so add us!
159 Devon
0 0
Devon's a super cute girl who always gets new pics and is on daily! she loves to talk, and has some rad qualities about her :)
160 gossiplove
0 0
werre fer sure an all girl's site, but we've got so much to offer for you guys. we've got amazing layouts, and owners who would do ANYTHING for you guys :) we should be the top site :) votevotevote!
161 *Standout Layouts
0 0
hey =) im lauren and i own standout! my site has great layouts, signs, and more stuff to offer to anyone. i dont deny any one as a friend. there are many more layouts on the way soon, & some graphics! check us out & add us yo!
162 miele
0 0
my site has pretty much everything you need :)
it has layouts, premades, icons, graphics & more !
163 laffy taffy layouts
0 0
The owners are katie and brianna.
we have photography layouts and more!
we are the next big thing on myspace!
164 kca
0 0
We started out as an advice site, and we still are, i have tons of other stuff as well, ranging from games, to graphics, 5k+ train, layouts, and I support with anyone. I have over 9,600 friends, 80,000+ profile views. I give out photoshop cs3 extended.
165 rmso(rock my socks off)
0 0
idk, we have lots of cool things and were fairly new so im hoping for many more items(:
166 Ki||Ah 101
0 0
My site has tons to offer, great icons, quotes, gradients, backgrounds, modeling classes, a sitemodel app, layouts and pixels are coming soon, a photoshop CS3 Giveaway every month, a sitemodel, personal, and site of the month, and photofiltre tutorials, a
167 hugerific
0 0
with over 3k friends & 9Ok+ blog views, we gots PLENTY of myspace necessities for you! so add now. i'm nice :D PS. hating, jocking, & copying will NOT be tolerated. kthnks bye[:
168 Becntz
0 0
Layouts && More.
We use photofiltre to make our stuff.
169 RetroPop
0 0
we are a myspace layouts & graphics site.we have mad talent ,, not to boast though :) so add & vote for us
170 Colossal
0 0
we don't have EVERYTHING yet but we will. we only have 1kayy && i know youu may think i'm dumb to even enter with only 1kayy but please add us?
171 real people
0 0
my site includes many things such as premades, buttons, and now comment boxes but my site is mostly a supporting site:)
Please Add:)
172 yummyfalicious
0 0
well weeh used to havee just about everythingg but we were recently hacked but we havee almost everythingg bakk up except we only havee a few layouts because we decided to make them all nooh
173 blueberry
0 0
well its fun
0 0
YEEAAYOOO!! (: hello peoples reading this...(: my site has tons of stuff you can use... including every single thing you might need.
im on it every single day of my life.
so if you need me im always there to help you!
175 GlamourLife
0 0
GlamourLife has all the glam you need and MORE!!
with everything from layouts to games we have everything for your myspace.
So what are you waiting for? add now!

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