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Site Of the Moment:
Facing Jupiter
It's a unique original site consisting layouts, requests, graphics, edited signs, and a lot more. Very neat and organized site.

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76 Sirène
0 0
I offer everything except layouts. =] That includes games, fanfics, graphics, contests, icons, requests, brushes, fonts, patterns, tutorials, SM tips, rares, etc...
77 Jellyinc
0 0
I make layouts, icons, signs, & photography
78 youcalledmeshady
0 0
a fansite for demi lovato and selena gomez. i have grahpics, games, and so much more :)
79 J.O.N.A.S. Fever
0 0
A Jonas Brothers Fan site being edited at the moment.
80 bedroomtalk
0 0
we offer a bunch of stuff! textures, layouts, graphics, premades, sign request, tutorial, etc. we can help you with ANYTHING. we wont ignore you ;)
81 Bitter Chaos
0 0
We've got it all! Layouts, premades, pictures captions, everything signs, and everything for your leisure. Come check us out!
82 FreeHealthAid.com
0 0
A medical encyclopedia website.
83 cluster contest
0 0
It's an awesome contest site but we also give different things, quotes; lyts and photography - we're new but we almost have 8K!! and soon we'll have tweaks for your myspace to look hot (:
84 Reckless
0 0
Reckless has all your site needs and much more to come in the future too! We have layouts, blends, edited pictures and more soon to be added during the summer.
85 lollipop
0 0
absolutley great content!!
we are growing every day and we have the two nicest owners you will ever meet! :)
86 Gloss Lyts
0 0
My site has a little of everything, i'm nice and real life and online I love to support anyone. and talking to then. I love to help sites that are new to this world. I make my own stuff, just like everyone i learned without being tought so i know anyone c
87 Feliz Layouts
0 0
The Names Kimberly, i like to be called Kimbari[sounds kinda the same i know] I am very nice, i started this site on christmas eve, dec 24, 2007. i have lots of blogs to look at [more coming soon] & well want 2 kno more ifo about the site? ADD ME PLEASE!
88 hersheykisses lyts
0 0
I have layouts
premades tutorials
&& helpful codes
89 MEqA-LytSz
0 0
MYSPACE URL:www.myspace.com/Ladyveve1
90 Starlight Daze
0 0
i started 07/01/08, i dont have 1k yet..but im hoping too..and i have contests, games, and im going to start making layouts and such.
91 ChearFair
0 0
My site has layouts, premades, games, requestes, codes, contests, && much more!
92 Power Shot
0 0
Photography & more :]
93 Cirques
0 0
I have premades, layouts, music player skins and much much more!!
94 JazzyC U N T Z
0 0
Want u want and how yah gonna get it Edit-whore us 2x w/proof
layouts-whore us3x w/ proof
Divs-whore us 6x w /proof
95 hollywoodtrend
0 0
we have alot to offer such as layouts,icons,edited photos and much much more.
96 fiorella
0 0
hiya hoes. we have great stuff, alot of our stuff isn't in our blogs because I have REQUESTS. If you want something, or looking for soemthing specific or whatever you request what you want/need and i will apply it for you. Not only do we have great items
97 OurAwesomeWorld.com
0 0
MySpace Layouts, Contact Buttons, Comment Boxes, Backgrounds, Graphics, Tutorials and More!!
98 lust layouts
0 0
Lust Layouts has many things: layouts, fonts, name headers, everything headers, premades and more!
99 Oh Snap! Lyts
0 0
Oh Snap! Lyts has everything you need to complete your myspace page. You can find layouts, music skins, codes, lyrics/quote, pixels and more! The owner is insanely nice and talks back to anyone!
100 Island Cove
0 0
Heyy! Island Cove is an amazing site! It offers several original styles of layouts, new stylesheets that are rare or never seen before, tutorials, premades, sun vectors, page graphics, questions and answers, codes/html help, games, fun, awesome links to c

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