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Site Of the Moment:
I have premades, layouts, music player skins and much much more!!

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127 Endess Love Lyts
0 0
we updated our site everyweek! we have more than 50,000 views and we have more than 13k! and we have layouts, sign requests, support requests, graphics, premade signs, brushes, icons, avatars, advice and so much more!
0 0
Urban resourse && lyt. site.
menn, we just effin rock!.lol
129 scene_x™
0 0
We're pretty chill. We're into supporting good causes, even though we're a contest site. We support gay pride and are helping to try and banish animal cruelty. We also make whore codes. Please don't add of you're a Jonas Site.
130 snowglobe
0 0
We have lots of different stylesheets, cus whos looking for a hell of a lot of default layouts? not me, so im pretty sure not yall either. we have everything you need to make your page kickass. =D [ i also own photoshop cs3 ^.^ ]
131 New York rush
0 0
we make everything, we started 1 year ago, we are supper flyy.
132 E-TARD THE LifeCaster!!!!!!!!
0 0
My name is E-TARD
& i'm a LifeCaster on ustream.tv
I have many profile
133 the wendy and avree show
0 0
cool ,fun ,youthful
134 Deephaze.net
0 0
I am a graphic site that provides divs, brushes, default layouts and resource help :). I have been open since 2006 with a profile view of 1.2 million; i am also known as the site with the hottest divs around. so come check me out
135 meqapixels
0 0
Well my site been around for a short while but has alreayd become popluar. If you want hot graphics for your page, lyts, and more...then you want meqapixels. I also make brush stamps, textures, and other resources for all your needs and I'm one of the big
136 Bamm!
0 0
I have had this site since 5/10/08.. not long, not long at all! We have 1kayy already. What do we have to offer? Well best sitemodels you can find anywhere! also where you can write your fave star! codes, pixels, rare sm pictures, blends, premades, about
137 ClassyLyts
0 0
ClassyLyts has one of the nicest owners, and the most talented as well! They offer a variety of things to make your profile lovely. Please support this site!(:
138 rawr layouts
0 0
A simple, friendly site with a variety of content for you to use. Talk to us, we talk back :)
139 Sludge
0 0
Sludge has been around for more than two years. I have more than just layouts. There is something for all your myspace needs!
140 cjm taylor swift fansite
0 0
i'm a taylor swift fansite.
141 Sugarsweet
0 0
Sugarsweet is a site thats been around for over a year. It has recently branched off of MySpace to a domain. Sugarsweet offers TONS of content, like MySpace content, Recsources, Graphics, and Tutorials.
142 Glitch
0 0
Glitch has been up and running for about 2 years now. We have basically everything and we are always updating. And we have 64k happy friends :]
143 iLyts
0 0
Deleted at 61,000 friends. iLyts is now under new management. 160+ AMAZING AND ORIGINAL layouts for you, along with codes and other Myspace needs.
144 New Vapour
0 0
we have a nice owner which is wanting a partner so if you wanna be click -->
also we have lots of layouts,blog layouts,codes,comment boxes,premade signs,contact buttons & more.
145 sunburst
0 0
the best little site, ever. premades, requests, layouts. you name it, we got it :)
146 Exclusive
0 0
Hi, our names are Sophie and Kiersten. We've owned this site for a little over a year, and have 10k+ friends. We provide great layouts, graphics, picture captions, color schemes, and a lot more! So visit our site, you won't be disappointed!
147 S&M Contest
0 0
we host contest! if you win we make u a sign with the background u want and everything! please add! nice owners and easy going contest! we reject no one!
148 Purple-Glo.com
0 0
A place to check out all sorts of myspace stuff. Lyts. Icons. Blends. Captions. Codes. Glitters. even leave a donation to improve the site. Give the site feedback. tell us what to improve and what not. This site is to give you all want and deserve =D
149 seizure
0 0
My site was made May 20th, 2008.
I hope it becomes a great site on myspace, i enjoy making graphics, codes , etc.
The site offers premade signs, premade color schemes, layouts, comment boxes, games such as; hot or not, guess the celeb, sign games. It al
150 Always Standing Strong Creations
0 0
We make tags/snags, layouts, we do offers and have contests

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