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Site Of the Moment:
we have layouts, graphics, premades, and tons more. the owner is really nice and very generious, i will give you just about anything if you ask for it.

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1 style watch!
0 3

my site has layouts,music players,premades,games,icons and so much more and the best part is it's all original!
2 Lovexistheway
0 2
Lovexistheway has been running for a little more than over a year. Lovexistheway offers layouts, tutorials, brushes, color schemes, and much, much more.
3 lust layouts
0 1

Lust Layouts has many things: layouts, fonts, name headers, everything headers, premades and more!
4 Automation
0 2

We have a lot stuff varying from resources and your myspace needs. We have nice owners. Our site is growing everyday. New stuff almost everyday and we have a lot of choice. Talent ? You decide. Check the content at automation.interludee.com
Fan: talent, e
5 Lavender Lyts
0 1
We have everything you need for your myspace, over 500 layouts, and soo much more. We have comment boxes, headers, and soo much more!
6 radiance
0 2

I've had my site since April 2007, so I'm very experienced with graphic design. I have tons of stuff on my site for you to use, such as layouts, music skins, and tons of Twilight graphics! (:
7 Amazing Bible
0 2

A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts.
8 Luner Lyts
0 2

It has everything you need for your site/myspace. Codes, layouts, premades, etc.
9 adorable layouts
0 3

My myspace's name is Adorable Layouts, but my website is sisterandbrother.net because my brother helps me a lot, but I make most of the stuff. I have had my Myspace for over 2 and half years. I have over 500 layouts and I hope you use them and like them.
10 Quatre-QuartsLyts!
0 2

We're KuppieKake's backup but we have 90+ Layouts! 140+Graphics,pixels, and more! Enjoy both sites!
11 Evolution of Seeing Sounds
0 2
I have the Latest Videos & News on Ciara & N*E*R*D. I also have PC/PSP Wallpapers plus I Offer Photoshop help & I always Respond :]
12 Orange_World
0 2
duh,,,vote for orangeworld.com!!
hope you like it,,,
13 beaumonde
0 3
I've had this site for about for 1 year now and i still have a low friend count, but that doesnt matter anymore.The most important thing is that people like the stuff you make. Beaumonde serves many many stuff.So check it out sometime :D
14 akrid
0 2
heyyyyyyyyyyy! im whitney, and i just took over akrid a couple of months ago. My site has plenty to offer for myspace, and also has tons of resources! Also, i've got a domain! woo! Visit my site, you wont regret it:D
15 epic
0 1
I have layouts and cool contests. I also do this thing thats called lets talk that I update each month.
16 talent show
0 1
Lots of layouts, Edited Pictures, fun, graphics.
17 adalaylyts
0 1
lyts? is that what you want??? well i got more than you will ever imagine! and guess what? i got so much more!
18 Crayon Spork
0 1
We may not have the biggest friend count but we have 60+ blogs to offer ++ nice owner
19 lovetrail
0 1
i have tons of things to offer. and i like it when people make request.! I also update every week
20 Chelsea Staub Official Street Team
0 2
Chelsea Staub Official Street Team
21 Fetch Layouts
0 1
Don't Jock or i will Detete you and then block you!I am nice but don't jock is all i ask you.
22 Lamav
0 2
We have everything from tutorials; layouts; codes; music player skins; icons; grpahics; and more!
23 Miley Montana World
0 1
My site is a fansite for Miley Cyrus. I put alot of work into my site!
24 Oh! Plz
0 1
Its new but it focuses on requests to help other sites, sitemodels and personals
25 Mango Rush
0 1
brand new. we offer almost everything!

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